Welcome Back Everyone!

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Hello Jeff,

Thanks for all the hard work you've done to get the site back up! :thumbsup:

Sure good to be back home again!!!

Woo HOOO!!! We are back home...Yea!!!

Now to roundup the rest of the BestTechie family. Gee Whiz they sure scattered all over the place!!! From Mac's, to G$, to ??? Time to bring everyone back home!!!

Send out the search parties, send out the mounties, send out the cavalry, send out the search dogs....we'll bring everyone back home one way or another!


God bless everyone.


You forgot the Coast Guard's SAR Units (Search and Rescue) hehehehee They will find anything or anyone heheheh :D Because they are "Semper Paratus - Always Ready" :)



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Seeing Pierce's post reminded me, THANK YOU, TOO, PIERCE! Didn't understand what Jeff wrote, but I got the impression that YOU were fundamental in getting this place back, too--we didn't have to start from scratch because of you. So, *hugs* and thanks!

Ohhhhh, DD, :blush: noooo, no, no. Not techy enough-my head hurts reading the Dummies Books!


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Yes its SUPER to have the site back again!!

Glad to see that lots of folks are finding their way back in, and I'm sure Jeff has sent a mass mailer out to all the membership, since it looks like the database was intact.

Good to see y'all here, and WELCOME HOME!!!!

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