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OK, I got curious (for some reason the strange questions fascinate me...) and I think my DummiesBook says this is the Desktop Toolbar:

"A weird one, this option places the icons from your desktop onto your taskbar".

And according to the DummiesBook, if you right click the bottom taskbar, you see an option at the top of the box that says "toolbars". I'm not about to play around with mine ;) but I'll betcha someone clicked that toolbar link and created that sidebar.

I couldn't tell from your photo, Bryan--do you have the taskbar at the bottom of your screen also?? If you don't, then someone dragged that to the side (my naughty Son loves to do that to me..grrr...) I think you can click and drag it to the bottom of the screen where it is supposed to live (not sure, I holler and make Son put it back!).


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I'm assuming you got the fix from kelly's korner.

I remembered this fix from the old TTV boards, you found it before I had the chance to post it.

Just for those that may have it happen again.

Kelly's Korner (#15 on the left)


No, he got the answer from this board under a different

Click for the answer...

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