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You do not have to install 98 first, the XP upgrade installation will ask you to insert your 98 disk (it's just checking to make sure you have a qualifying version) and will then continue with a normal clean install.

Here is the list of qualifying products. As you can see your 98 works. It won't matter if it's OEM or retail.

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I have been under the impression that a update will need to detect a older version on the hard drive before it will install.

So if the drive is new,and unless I am wrong ,you will need to install win98 first before the update will install.

Yes. OEM version. I want to replace the harddrive and os.
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As robshanahan said, W98 does not have to be installed first for the upgrade to install.

It first tries to detect any other Windows OS installed and if it doesn't find one, it will then ask you to insert your 98 CD or enter the serial number. After that it will install XP clean, which is the best way to do it rather than upgrading a 98 install.


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