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How do i set a password on it.

I "archived" the file, and then went to

File>Set Default password>entered one and pressed ok

then all i have to do is double click the file, and it opens :( ..

I think i'll stick to my .ZIP :)

Im to lazy to google it and get the answer in 10 seconds, i'd rather wait for an unknown time and get an answer from you guys. Yes i notice that i coudl have found it with all the time i've spent typing this, and this right here as well.


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I believe the password protection only prevents files from being extracted and opened from the RAR archive. It doesn't prevent the archive itself from being opened and viewed. So, you can see what files are inside a password-protected archive, but you just can't open any of them.

Also, the password must be configured before you drag and drop any files into WinRAR to archive them.

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