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I upgraded to ?7.5???

well it then told me it was a firewall issue. I then proceeded to windows firewall, to see that it was "allowed" in the "exceptions" tab.

So through this it came to me, it has to be a problem with the way I am connecting or allowing something to connect to me!

After a few minutes of thought I remembered, I was using a proxy from "HIDE IP Platinum". So could this be the issue i said?! I started to think to why i couldnt get onto gmail with IE.

I could get onto GMAIL with firefox. It came to me, i remembered the proxy was only workable for IE, and not "netscape" browsers. I went through control panel>Network &...>Internet Options

then I disabled the proxy, and POOF, I am on MSN messenger at the moment.

Thanks for your feedback guys


See sometimes i just need to think instead of just running over hear :)

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