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I have noticed that ever since Pete has been attacked by the trolls that are trying to get him demodded that some of the members haven't been here. But that's when it started so I am assuming that it's because they are trying to save Pete and try to keep him from getting demodded and do their best to help with the troll attacks. So, once all that is straightend out I'm sure everything will be back to normal here.

I talked to Pete a few days ago, and he is doing ok I think except for those trolls.

Cya on the boards


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I 'm here too. Sure like this great board. Thanks Beluga.

I've been checking in every day to see what's new.

Sure glad the troll problem is dying down for Pete. I bet the trolls just didn't realize how many people support Pete in his work over there. Well now they do, so maybe they will think twice before trying it again. Or at least we can always hope, but then I don't give them much credit for thinking things through. Ha!!! :rolleyes:

God bless everyone.

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me to i check in every day tho ive been to g4 to check out petes postion

and run into a bit of flack from a member called burt stark

he is one who tried to side line pete he pmed me .

but that is another story .watch him if he comes here.

he dosent want to pm me now.i have ny communications company on my side .


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mac, you would be a scarey person if the voices I hear didn'y keep me comforted.

Oh they said they know the voices you hear, said to say hi.

my sad to say "koniechiwa". ya I don't know what it means either. remember the vioces in my head only speak Japanese. well they've at least picked up on some english phrases just incase they get out the whorld. But unfortunately this is what they've learned.

"I have a godzilla in my pants for you"

"No sake is non acoholic, it's made from rice, here have some more"

"Your paper house or mine"

"I'll give you 1,000 yen, it's a lot of money"

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Well I am finally back online, after random crashes, I would only check the site,did get to post twice at TC forums.My power supply crapped out on me, so with funds finally available, I purchased a new PS, an Antec true power, man this thing is quiet! So I am back in business, new monitor too!!

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I'm around, not as much as I have been because this has been the week out of hell for me. I threw my back out about 2 weeks ago and knock on wood today I feel about 20% better if you call that great. I haven't been able to sit in a chair for much more then 20 minutes at any given time. And as for sleep, ha what sleep ? lucky if I get an hour or 2 hear & there. for the last 2 weeks. But I do manage to sneak in hear when my wife isn't home Lol. she thinks I should be right in bed. ( Not ! ) I have to do something or i'll go nuts. To bad I can't do my airshift from my house <_<

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I am so sorry about your back. My hubby and I know how bad that can hurt to have it out.

If it is your low back, there is an exercise that can sometimes snap it back in.

It can be done on the floor supposedly but I never can figure out how to get down there when back is bad, let alone back up again. So I do the exercise on the bed.

Lie down on your back, with your arms outstretched to the sides of the bed, raise right knee up, with the right foot flat on bed. Hook the left leg over the right knee that is up, turning both legs to the right all the way down to the bed in a low body twist keeping the upper body flat on bed. While in this position, take time to relax (yeah I know that when you hurt it is hard to relax) and take a deep breath. Then repeat for the other side, remembering to reverse the leg/knee positions. I usually have one or two big snaps if I am lucky, and a couple of small ones. We learned this exercise from a chiropractor. I hope it helps you.

God bless everyone.

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