Linux Install Problem And Hd Not Recogonized

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Problem: Running XP Pro. Have a second 18GB Hard Drive. jumpers set at slave. The drive was only formatted with NTFS.

The only place that the secondary drive is being recogonized is during the memory test for about 3 seconds and then from the device manager.

The Grub showed both drives, my master drive and my secondary drive.

My masterdrive shows up correctly as Disk 0.

However the secondary is listed as : Disk 1 Basic 18.64GB, that is divided into three partitions ( 1st partition is 8.79GB Healthy/Active, 2nd partition is 8.79 healthy unknown and 3rd poartition is 1.07GB unallocated).

After repartitioning the secondary drive it showed up in My Computer.

Just spent 21/2 hours loading Linux Fedora to the /dev/hdb drive at the /dev/hdb1 drive. Went through who process , but end result was wasted time. No Linux install, no dual boot options when first start PC. Have same post at G4 and unfortunately no help. I have installed same CD on a single Pc Drive with no problem at school and my PC is better than the ones there.

Ques: How to get the secondary drive to show up with the option to boot from it or from the master?

Then How to get Linux installed onto it without causing the drive to disappear after install?

Thanks in advance from a frustrated ready to destroy PC individual.

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I take it the computer boots directly into windows? If that is the case then you probably installed grub in the MBR of /dev/hdb. You can reinstall grub by chrooting into the drive. Im not familir with the Fedora install, if you can get a shell prompt you should be able to do it from there, else you will need a live cd.

to chroot:

mkdir /mnt/hdb         
mount /dev/hdb1 /mnt/hdb     #some live cd's automatically mount drives
chroot /mnt/hdb /bin/bash

you can then run grub and in the grub shell:

grub> root (hd1,0)          
grub> setup (hd0)          
grub> quit  

You may need to edit your menu.lst file, post it if you can.

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