Decreasing Boot Time

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This is a registry tweek.

If you don't know what you are doing. Please don't try this. You can screw up your PC.

Want a tweek that will really speed up your boot time?

Then try this one out for time.

there could be many factors involved. Types of programs installed. Types used more then others, System settings, Etc. that might affect the bootup time.

Windows Prefetcher

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ Memory Management \ PrefetchParameters]

Under this key there is a setting called EnablePrefetcher, the default setting of which is 3. Increasing this number to 5 gives the prefetcher system more system resources to prefetch application data for faster load times. Depending on the number of boot processes you run on your computer, you may get benefits from settings up to 9. However, I do not have any substantive research data on settings above 5 so I cannot verify the benefits of a higher setting. This setting also may effect the loading times of your most frequently launched applications. This setting will not take effect until after you reboot your system.


System Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters]

Name: EnablePrefetcher


Value: (0 = disabled, 1 = Application launch prefetching, 2 = Boot prefetching, 3 = Both prefetching

I have found that only having boot prefetching is the better option.

Application prefetching won't increase the startup time of applications by a great deal.

Even worse, after running numerous apps, the loading processes can become slower.

Each time an app is run a file is created in the prefetch folder.


After a while there are to many files in this folder which slows down the prefetching performance.

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hi js

i just tweaked that reg fix and it works

i had to export my reg first in case i made a mistake

but it is working ok .it is certainly faster at start up.

if i wanted could i go back in and change it to the default



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CurlingSteve, I found it here.

tweeksrus forums

And I tried it myself before I posted it here. (both on my test, then main machine).

It seems to work really well. And you can supposseably be able to change it up to 9.

The higher the number, the faster. But I wouldn't push it past 6.

Look for prefetch tweeks under tweeks

I have used other tweeks that they have listed. I have lurked there for some time, and they seem to know what they are talking about. So I myself trust them. And I fully try anything out before posting it anyware

martymas. Yes you can set it back to 3 if you want to.

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I do understand what you are both saying. But it does work.......

Now I'm not saying one is right or the other one is wrong or lying to everyone.

But I have tried the tweek at 3, 5 and 7. And the higher the number. the quicker everything does boot from the push of the start button. And it is a noticeable difference.

Just like all the hidden options that are in "Disk cleanup".(and I do believe there are many things that are (and many other options or parameters) hidden from us). There are a total of 14 options in there. I have never heard of them before on any other site. If I wouldn't have seen it for myself, And tried it. I would never had known there were any. But there are options that allow you more control using it. Like stopping it from checking compressed files. Which speeds up the time preforming disk cleanup. (I will add a new tip for it in PC tips and Tricks).

You can believe what you like, I'm not trying to prove anything. I was just posting a PC tweek that works on my machines (and on others as well). If you feel this is out of line. Or that tweeks like this should not be posted. Let me know, and I will remove it. And re-frame from others like this in the future.


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It doesn't work for me. Timed from power-on until autologin completed (network up):

EnablePrefetcher         Boot time
0                        1:19
1                        1:12
2                        1:05
3                        1:04
4                        1:16
5                        1:09
6                        1:04
7                        1:04
8                        1:14

Exactly what I would expect based on the documentation.

(Be interesting to see if that table works.)

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I won't dispute your findings. It works for me. and each setting is noticeable. But there could me many factors involved. Types of programs installed. Types used more then others, System settings, Etc. So I'll recant my wording to "Could decrease the time windows loads with with this tip.

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