Post Pics Of Your Rigs, Setups, Etc.

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My Rig


My Setup


My Ride


Small changes to the car since this picture was taken. Solid amber JDM Corner lights. No more fuzzy dice (string broke). Parking tag this year is purple instead of yellow.

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My New *Prototype* Apple G6 Mcintosh 275 Computer..

Nice little *Beastie*... hehe


Or my Dog iCybie...


Don't have to feed Him, just Plug Him in, No Fleas, No Poop on the Floor or Pee, No Vet Visits, No Shedding, No Walks, No Sloppy Licks in the Face, No Barking, No Biting Visitors, and when I get tired of Him I just shut him off...

My "Levitron"... I love this thing, it's way cool... Great Science toy (and very real)..



My Guitars & Amps... Okay that's it for now... hahaha



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LetterK, Santa's in jail???? :(:D

Don't worry, Robroy, wiccan's going to be surprised next time he goes into his office....homeowners insurance should cover it.....Free Drinks At Whiskeyman's!!! ;)

I could post a photo of the Recently Exorcised Possessed Gateway, but it might jinx the board....


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