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Hi all! I am considering getting an online education in the USA. I would like to learn more about online courses and programs. What are the advantages of online learning over face-to-face learning? How many universities and schools offer quality online courses and programs? What certificates or diplomas can be obtained upon graduation? How difficult is it for a foreigner to enroll in online programs at American universities? I would be grateful for the answers and recommendations of those who have already received online education in the United States.

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Hello! I took several online courses at the American online school ELVTR and can share my experience. Online learning provides flexibility and the ability to combine with work. Many top universities in the US offer quality online programs. I received certificates in Data Science and Digital Marketing. Admission for foreigners is no more difficult than for full-time programs. I really liked studying at ELVTR - an excellent level of teaching and organization. I recommend to get up-to-date knowledge and skills online!

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Online Education is really very important for those cannot manage their time my kids are also getting their Quranic Education from online platform named as eQuran Tuition. eQuran Tuition provides engaging and interactive online Quran classes for kids. Their experienced teachers employ child-friendly teaching methods to make the learning process enjoyable and effective. Through interactive sessions, children develop a love for the Quran and gain a deep understanding of its teachings.

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