Voip E911 Issues?

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I was reading this article on ZDnet.

As many as 100,000 Internet phone customers who haven't formally acknowledged possible obstacles to making 911 calls could find their service disconnected starting next week.

How do I "acknowledge" this issue? I checked my VOnage account, but I dont see anything aout it.

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VoIP is connected to the internet, the internet is everywhere. that why it hard to find which area you live in and conenct directly to your city police. this cause a lot of problem. so that the reason why it not offered until they find a way


Right... Re-read my post :rolleyes::D

Have you contacted them by phone/email?

Ive e-mailed them. Who know's when ill get a reply.

I tried calling them, but didnt have time to wait so a hang up.

I got a letter from them a month or so ago, and it didnt say anything about having to "acknowledge" that I may or may not be able to contact the popo. So, hopefully my service wont get disconnected, but im just a little worried.

Anyone here have a VOIP service? Did you have to fill out any form or anything?

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Bubba Bob, go to your account page and click "features" All you need to know about 911 is there.... And how to sign up.


Thanks Bozo, but it says nothing about this service cut off issue.

If it was me I'd call again when I had time to wait. Less hassle than trying to get your service back.

I guess Ill have to. :( I need to ask them why my MIR is 6 months overdue anyway.

Thanks Everyone.

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