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hi team is it true google has branched out to

instant messenger

and web based phone calling



I still have the feeling that they are planning on marketing a set top box which will enable internet access using your HDTV (Or maybe any TV) to compete with MSNTV (Microsoft bought out Webtv)

Lets see, google an email service which they can easily integrate in a settop box.

They have Picasa, a photo editing and sharing service.

They now have a chat service

(Note that it is planned to offer both IM and VOIP in one application. Thus you can voice chat one on one like a phone call, Text chat, leave voice or text messages or maybe both. )

Look at some of the other things they offer; maps. local search (like for entertainment and restaurants), the desktop search (to integrate the new box with your computer and its files?) Google video (now wouldn't that be usefun in a set top box? To search tv programs and videos?) ,

Check out some of the other things at google labs

A set top box, with an embedded OS to make it highly virus resistant etc, online storage and search . Yep, they could make a real run at threatening microsofts domination of the market.

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wondering if Google can create their own OS..... GoogleOS (using Linux kernel)


They recently have been hiring a bunch of Microsoft OS designers , why would you want to waste money on an OS designer if you were not planning on building and marketing an OS?,1759,1772141,00.asp

One of Microsoft's key Windows architects has defected to Google. But at least so far, no one is talking about what Marc Lucovsky's new role will be at one of Microsoft's major rivals.


He is credited as one of the core dozen engineers that came from Digital Equipment Corp. to Microsoft and built the Windows NT operating system. He was charged with building the Windows NT executive, kernel, Win32 run-time and other key elements of the operating system


In 2000, Lucovsky was named the chief software architect for Microsoft's .Net My Services (code-named "Hailstorm") effort. .Net My Services never materialized in the form that Microsoft originally envisioned—a set of personal Web services, hosted by Microsoft.

Read this

And he is just one of many they have hired away recently.

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