Were Are Programs Installed To?

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I can't find where my programs are installed to... i was using someone linux stuff page and the command line tut said they are usually in usr/bin or bin but they arn't. Im trying to install a plugin for GAIM. Is there a way to find target to it from a shortcut like windows? Or a search function?

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Do i need all the --with and that stuff?  because with and without those it still doesnt work...


Yes, I tested it on my Ubuntu VM. The with-gaim tells it where to install the plugin. Are you getting an error running ./configure? I needed to install gaim-dev to get it to work, try:

sudo apt-get install gaim-dev

before ./configure.

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Im sorry im such a noob, its kinda sad that 50% of the htreads on this page is by me, lol

One day i might be as good as you :)

How do you figure all of this stuff out?

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by doing it wrong the first time, and asking question.. :D

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