How Do I Turn This Thing Off?

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An empty black screen? No "system has halted" or something to that effect?

If nothing happens I'd just tap the power button and see if the machine powers down. Then boot it up and see if it complains about how it was shutdown. If it looks fine, it's probably a power-management issue.

If you're adventurous, you could shutdown the old fashioned way, with the 'shutdown' utility. Logout and drop to the console (Ctrl-Alt-F1), login to the console, and enter

$ sudo shutdown -P now

(without the '$'). If that doesn't work, replace the '-P' with '-h'. If that doesn't work, it's a power-management issue.

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I get a black screen with all the console stuff. Its just like xwindows or gnoke or w/e the gui part is called closes and im left with like dos.

the shutdown command works... but do i really need to do that? I wish i was just allowed to leave my comp on....

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If this is after I had you kill the X server that would explain it, logging out closed the (gui)session but you where still logged in at the term. Normally system>log out>shutdown will shutdown the computer,

but in this case after the server dies type halt or shutdown -t 3 now will do it.

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