World Of Warcraft/guild Wars/everquest

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I plan to add SWQ, but it not futura. So those three major mmorpg.

What is your opinion over those mmorpg. i like WoW, Everquest is ok. but havent play Guild Wars (saw the movies but didnt help me to see what it really is)

Tell me about them, i like to have a discussion, so those three mmorpg is good to discuss about.

Explain you experience about them, i will soon

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I play GWars and WOW! Both are very comparable except that GW you play alone unless you invite individuals to hunt outside the "villages." WOW is a little be more cartoonie as well...

Ultima was the best years is to rich, same with Everquest...but I like GW the best because you don't have to pay for anything other than the $15 subscription fee a month.

ALso BF2...that game rocks, but gets boring quick because of either lag or the server you connect to...but still most real life MMORPG i have played...

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Well, I have only played GW on beta, and the others I haven't even touched. GW beta was ok, not something I was impressed with. I mean, having a system not dominated by experience and seniority is definately original, but not as satifying as the regular level structure of MMORPGs. You have been playing GW for 2 years now, and a guy who just picked up the game and began playing that day just beat the pants off you. Probably seems fun for that guy, but losing feels twice as bad because the guy was new to the game. Catch my point?

There are a lot of other MMORPGs I have played, though, all of them either free or in beta. Unfortunately, whenever I play a free game thats in beta, when they release I can't pay so I can't play :(.

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