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I run SuSe on a 10 g hd and have Iccaros on a 3.2g hd

Personally I think that the best thing to do is try several different live linux isos. They are all easy to download and burn to cd. Decide which one suits you best as far as hardware detection and ease of use. Some of the live linux out there include





Best thing is just to play around with them and see which one feels most comfortable to you

There are plenty of good linux people here to help you if you need it

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I personally Like Ubuntu Linux a lot. Granted, it is the only install distro ive used, it works quite nicely. yes 40gigs should be enough, i;m assuming you are still going to keep Windows as your primary OS, since your giving it the bigger HD.

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Can you play any games on linux?


UT2004, RTCW, Quake 3, NWN, and a few others run natively. Many more will work if using Cedega. If gaming is a concern, dual-boot.

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