Academic Analysis: The Law of Attraction

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This is a fundamental law and it states, in its most simple form, whatever you think, the same comes back i.e. like attracts like. We have all seen this at work in our own lives, the trouble is we did not know what it was or how to control it. How many times have you gotten out of bed in a bad mood? The toothpaste squirts all over the sink, you stub your toe on the stool, you take one thing off the rail and all the rest fall on the floor blah blah blah. Well believe it or not that is the law of attraction at work. The formless wonder does not discriminate, it just gives you what you are thinking, and if that is not immediate, it is arranging for the thought to be processed.

In the instance of a bad mood it thinks, that’s the way you want your day to be, so in line with the universal law, it just gives you more. The next time things start going wrong, take a deep breath and send out positive messages of things going right. Immediately things will change. This is a very simple example but the formless wonder does not have any concept of big or small, good or bad, expensive or cheap it only has one job and that is to give everyone what they want. The kicker is that what you send out is what you are saying you want. Can you see the potential here?

Clarity is the secret

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If someone says I want a million dollars, and then you ask what for? They might reply to buy a house, go on holiday, and buy a new car. The message that you are putting out therefore is confusing. Do you want a million dollars or do you want the house and car? Because the message is jumbled the formless wonder cannot determine exactly what you want. It would be very similar to going into a restaurant and just saying, “bring me some food” If what comes is not to your liking, who is to blame? Of course, you were not clear and concise in your request.

This clarity of thought is the secret to getting what you want. This is the hardest part of what we have to do to become happy. We have to create a really clear vision of what it is we truly want. You may have to spend some time on this because as I said, it is no good visualizing one thing but wanting something else. Remember the formless wonder does not care what it is as long as you are locked into it as a desire. As you know that things are now being put into action for these things to occur, you can relax and carry on in the knowledge that they will appear. What happens here usually, is that people start doubting whether this will happen, and immediately the vision is negated because now you are putting out confused and mixed messages.

Unfortunately, there is no way that you can teach someone this because it relies on faith. Once you have tested this out on small things, for example, conversations with strangers in cafes, at work, and even in free video chat, you start to realize the power, and it generates a solid belief in the power of your thoughts. I was very skeptical when I first studied this but as things kept unfolding I found it easier and easier to control situations. It was always my fault when things went wrong because deep down I knew that I was not concentrating on the positive. During this learning period, you will notice things happening that are beyond the odds of chance. Every little thing that you notice, will help to give you the ability, to utilize this power. At this point, most people say OK I thought about so and so and nothing happened, and they put the book away firmly convinced that it is all bunkum.

Isn’t it funny that we accept things that are far more unbelievable than this?

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I think moving pictures beamed around the world in real-time, with no wires or any visible means of transporting the signal is a really hard concept to believe. We just accept this as normal. Why do we believe this? Because we have evidence of the final signal i.e. the picture on our TV screen. Evidence of the law of attraction is all around us. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Just look around at various situations and see how many you can relate to the law of attraction.

Taking on board all the above, we cannot hope to make any of this work until we have found happiness. Happiness will become a great friend because he never travels alone, he always has his friend's success and wealth with him. Everything in life revolves around happiness. I know plenty of people who have great success but are not happy, and likewise, I know many really miserable and very wealthy people.

So what is the secret of happiness?

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It is that you are at peace with yourself. If you are truly at peace with yourself, you monitor whether you are successful, and you say whether you have enough wealth. You are not trying to compete or prove anything to anyone. You know the truth and you make the calls.

It is a purely human thing that some of us regard the collection of things that have no relevance to our welfare, or are of no use to sustain life as a major part of happiness. Once again we are doing what we think we need to do, to impress others. Have a good look around your home and label things as useful or bought on impulse. I would include as useful anything that you have bought that you derive pleasure from. I am not advocating that we should not treat ourselves, but I am saying that we carry an awful lot of stuff that has been bought for no other reason than to impress others. Once again we can make the statement that happiness is being at peace with yourself. If you feel comfortable about all your possessions you must be on the road to happiness.

Many people think that the purchase and accumulation of things will somehow give them happiness, even more, think that moving to another location or buying a different house will give them happiness. Happiness does not move from location to location, and you do not have to go looking for it. It lives within you and once you have got it, you can take it wherever you go. As you observe people, strangely, you can find truly happy people from all walks of life, some very poor people are blissfully happy and some extremely wealthy people are happy. It is usually found that the less well off would do more giving if they had more, but they are content with what they have, and the very wealthy who are happy are always givers.

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