“If you get a good grade, I will give you $100” How material rewards play against a child

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Most often, parents and teachers use material rewards in order to get better (or any) results from children. Alas, they do not think about the fact that encouragement methods can be not only ineffective, but also detrimental to the development of the child.

Orienting children to the result, we distract them from the essence and deprive them of the opportunity for an optimal experience. I often hear that teenagers are promised to buy a new phone or a bicycle if they finish the school year without Cs. Children are announced at school that they will receive certificates and awards for their achievements, and a “salary” is paid for helping the child around the house. Such rewards, of course, help to achieve what adults need, but at the same time they completely change the attitude of children to activities. The same is true in writing. If the child does not understand why he writes written work, then sooner or later he will leave it. With the help of Bidforwriting, you can show your child that the main thing in learning is to understand why you are doing it. So he can be effective in teaching.

Numerous studies (Deci, Ryan, Lepper, Amabile, Murayama) confirm that rewards undermine the intrinsic motivation that stimulates effective work, just like punishments. Since if you motivate a child for doing work or, for example, doing homework for a material reward, this will undermine the understanding of the essence of doing homework, and specifically writing an essay. If you do not show the child the essence of the importance of writing a written work with the help of a research paper writer, then you will not be able to teach a child how to write written papers correctly. From the point of view of the theory of self-determination, the basis of intrinsic motivation is the satisfaction of three basic human needs: autonomy, competence and connectedness with other people. Material rewards get in the way of all this, and here's why:

Material rewards hinder the satisfaction of the child's need for autonomy. This is one of the control tools. This is also important in essay writing. Using the college essay writing service you will teach your child how to write a written paper correctly, but the choice to study further well or badly will depend on the choice of your child. You should not use control to encourage the child to the fact that he has the right to choose. An adult deprives a child of the freedom of choice: how he should relate to this or that activity. Children have the feeling that they are being coerced into a certain behavior by the promised reward. This creates a controlling environment. And when the feeling of independence is violated, intrinsic motivation inevitably falls.

Desi and Ryan's research, as well as Mark Lepper's research on the influence of rewards on activity interest, confirms that a controlling environment and a result orientation in the form of material rewards significantly reduce children's interest in even previously very attractive tasks. Their internal motivation is weakening, and material rewards are already required so that the children do not give up what they started.And after a while, encouragement becomes habitual, and children already demand rewards.

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Many parents are now motivating their children to go to schools or colleges this way. This is wrong because a child should love what he learns. And the material reward makes him think only about money while studying at college. Thus all knowledge and experience move into the background. When I was studying economics in college, my dad tried to financially motivate me to study, and I hated that place. Ultimately, I achieved my goal, left college, and enrolled in a nail technology academy (nwcollege.edu). I will make my dream come true. I really want to master nail technology!

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