How To Draw Up The Title Page Of The Abstract?

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In the first three lines, the name of the university, the name of the department and the specialty are written in the middle. Also, sometimes the “Ministry of Education” (Ministry of Health, etc.) is indicated. Tired of following the guidelines? Then write my papers will provide all the necessary assistance to complete your tasks. Slightly below, approximately in the middle of the sheet, the word ABSTRACT is written in large letters and the topic and discipline are indicated. The name of the topic is written either in quotation marks (on the topic "..."), or without them - check with the department.


Having departed from the title of the abstract of 7-9 paragraph indents with alignment on the right side, information about the author and the head is indicated. Hire guys over on if you want to easily get a high grade. Alignment is best done using the Tab key, or by moving the arrows on the ruler to the position from which you want the inscription to begin: The last line of the title page indicates the city and year of writing the work with center alignment. All inscriptions are typed in the same font in 14 point size, only the name and the word ABSTRACT can be typed a little larger.


How To Arrange The Content Of The Abstract?


The content is written immediately after the title page; usually, sections in the abstract do not have subsections, as in other works. In the middle of the sheet, in the first line, the word CONTENT is written in upper case, and already under it are listed the elements of the work (introduction, chapter titles, conclusions, list of sources, appendices). Helpers on have all required expertise to complete the paper for you. As in term papers, in the abstract, each new chapter must be started on a new sheet, while it is worth remembering that the previous one should occupy at least ¼ of the last one before the new chapter of the sheet.


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