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Hi The Dragon Slayer,

As of this moment we have 54 members which has been growing the past two days. The forums were started late yesterday and already have 54 members so we have been growing pretty rapidly so far. There are many old Techtv and G4techtv members here as well as people from other forums. If you go to the Members icon on the top right hand corner of the screen you can look at all the members we have already.

Stick around and enjoy the boards.


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Just wonder? How many members do we have now? And how many of those members are also active at g4techtv?


Welcome Dragon Slayer.

I'd rather visit AOHell than g4.


Oh my gosh! This message is over a year old! How in the world did it get bumped up?......HAHAHAHAHAHA.....jeesh.....

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im still a member of g4

i have still have friends there

and ive tried to bring them here .

the place has deteriated

into a den

but we still have good people there .

who do what they are there for

help others

the trouble with me is i get angry

and lash out

what ever you want is there

porn abuse swearing [bad]

and spamming and trolling

so it is like heaven to come back here

and get a bit of sanity.

it isnt the same c.f.h we used to know.

young gamers. are the problem.

god what is the next generation going to be like utter kaos

i feel comcast will sell the site

and is getting what they can

why it has gone that bad

even miss fae



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