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as I normally do: I will not install windows 11: it is too early for anyone to do this, and there are things about windows 11 that are not in windows 10. My hope is that Microsoft will not force the installation of windows 11 on anyone. You spend more time trying to stop rogue installations of Windows software than anything else, and I hope that after Microsoft got their ass sued from doing what they did before, they learn a lesson and let us decide went to install windows 11. They told us way back when that windows 10 would be the “last“ version of windows, but unfortunately this is a lie. I understand that they want to upgrade windows to the newest version, but I have learned from experience being a technician for over 20 years that it is not a good idea to force new programs on people, nor is it a good idea to just install it because it’s brand new and “ready for everyone to see“

I will wait for a long while before installing windows 11. Microsoft needs to put back in features that are removed from windows 11 before I will use windows 11. It is hard enough to use it myself when they change things that I don’t like, but it is even worse when I have to support someone on a new operating system and they don’t know where things were that they used to have before. I went down to my dads at least twice in the last two months because of the fact that things went haywire after an update, and I was lucky that most of my stepmother‘s files if not all of them were still there they were just under a different program. All of her files were on Google drive so I was able to recover all of that. Microsoft needs to understand that they need to understand that the newest versions of any software are not necessarily good for people that have been using the older software and are familiar with it. Remember windows vista? That was a failure! Remember windows eight? That was a failure: when will Microsoft word that it is up to the user to decide when to install their products rather than to be forced to update to them. As I said you spend more time trying to stop them from putting things on the machine rather than trying to use what you have. It is up to the user to decide what to put on and when not up to Microsoft. This is why they got sued.

Let’s hope Microsoft learns a lesson and let us make that decision: lest they get sued again.

On a personal note I hope you are doing well: been along time since I’ve been here: been dealing with family issues and other things going on working on websites, and just relaxing and rolling with whatever is going on with COVID-19. I have been tested once I am clear and I have still not gotten it, because I use my mask when necessary. Take care Chuck!





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Hey Brian, i am also a Tech dating back when the old 3.1 came out ! I still have that machine ! I have also had all the Operating system MS has ever came out with, I have been using Windows 11 Beta testing it & giving MS my thoughts on some of the new apps & programs ! I must say i don't like a few but over all i am very impressed with W11. There will be a newer version as soon as MS can get it out to everyone ! Sometime  between now (5th Oct.) and 2022 mid summer ! Windows 10 they are leaving it alone for 4 yrs. then it will go by the way side like W7 !!!

You take care Brian & Be Safe !!


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Change can be a bit overwhelming, especially regarding an operating system we're so used to, like Windows 10.You've highlighted a key point – the importance of choice for users. It's essential that Microsoft respects that and doesn't force upgrades. You're not alone in your concerns, and I think many users appreciate the familiarity of older versions.And you're absolutely right about past experiences with Windows versions like Vista and 8.If you ever decide to give Windows 11 a try, make sure to have a reliable Windows 11 key. I recently got one from, and it worked seamlessly.

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