how to find a new job during a crisis?

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Perhaps you are so tired of your current position that you are ready to change it to the first thing that comes to hand. Or your family is in a difficult financial situation, and your salary becomes your main criterion. You panic - and this is not the best background for making important decisions.

Try to consult with someone who doesn’t have the same emotions as you and help you put your decision in perspective. It can be a best friend, mentor, coach. Believe me, you yourself will be surprised at how easy decisions are made when you are calm and objective.

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Yeah, we are all now in this unpleasant situation. To my mind, the most crucial thing in successful applying for a job is to make a great resume. And It may be quite tough, especially in the beginning of your working path. In my case, whenever I have doubts about my resume writing I go to the because it has a powerful evaluating system. It deals with grammar, objectives, formatting and much more. Besides showing your common errors it gives you the exact feedback. I’ve used this service a few times and it showed me my week points and this really helped me to master my resume after which I’ve been invited for different jobs. 

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Well, as for me, during the lockdown, I had quite a lot of spare time and I decided to give my old hobby a chance and opened an online cosmetics store where I sell oils, soaps etc. Can't say it gives me lots of money, but it's mostly fun and I bet if I give it more attention and energy, it can be profitable.

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It depends on the specialization of your work, it is necessary to work on a remote basis. If it is impossible, for some time it will be necessary to change the scope of work at some time to something like pro essay writing service. At least until it turns out to find a good alternative

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