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I have the identical issue. I've tried the same things you mention above to no avail.

Did you ever manage to solve this?

I'm not a fan of the Chrome browser, but at this point I have no choice, IE is basically "broken".

Affected IE9, upgraded to IE10, still the same. Chrome however works perfectly

e.g Minecraft Gratis Para Android.

Request page in IE - hangs somewhere while loading. Giving you enough time to open up Chrome, copy and paste the URL from IE into Chrome to see the page snap back immediately in Chrome while IE carries on thinking about it and then often just gives up.


Noting the comment about uninstalling Java above - my machine was impacted by the Java exploit, I rebuilt it in full, have not reinstalled Java since, it's a dangerous piece of kit.

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Howdy Mikegold & welcome to the forums ! First off i'm not sure of what

the identical issue.

You are pointing to !! Also the IE browser is being replaced by the "Edge" so maybe you should try it !! They have also done a lot of work in upgrading & fixing problems they use to have with the Chrome Browser ! Which i do not use anymore but i use The Edge, Mozilla (firefox) !!


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