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All good, high-performing salespeople in real estate focus primarily on two things: knowing the customer's needs well, and being obsessed with their goals.

SkyMarketing strives to be Pakistan's biggest real estate developer ever, guaranteeing the highest international standards, prompt execution, and lifetime customer loyalty. With projects like

Many of us would like to participate in a friendly competition, either to try to beat ourselves or other people in the commercial team (in a real estate that is common). 

However, from a performance perspective, meeting goals does not mean the same as having good results.

The best salespeople succeed over and over again because they are able to stay on the right track, even in times of crisis. They know exactly what they need to improve and keep the right perspective to close more deals.

How do the best real estate sales reps stay focused and productive? Here's a secret that many of them have told me: Sales performance is more a matter of math than emotion.


Sales are like a goal in soccer: it is difficult to predict, randomly and exactly, when the goal will fall and who will win.

When you are managing multiple transactions, you need to know more about the details of the leads, the prospects and the closed sales to evaluate their performance.

2% of real estate salespeople, who are those with incredible results, agree that today you spend at least 6 hours of your weekly calendar to evaluate all the statistics on your performance and see how you can improve in each area. They don't do anything that can't be measured. 

Many believe that it is not necessary to measure to improve, but those who are good understand that it is only the metrics that can help them stay in the race.

It's easy to get lost in excitement. It is tempting to explain that a sale fell because "people don't buy now" or because "people don't answer the phone."

That is not a sufficient explanation for a modern salesperson and it should not be sufficient for you. 


Selling, in this digital age, is a scientific process, not a jumble of elements that are added randomly.

Today's sales process generally includes the following stages: 

1: Attraction: content on the blog of your real estate development company makes a buyer / investor come to your website and feel good about the content they find there.

2: Marketing Qualified Lead: First visit to a property

3: Prospectus: sending information in writing

4: Sales Qualified Lead: Second visit to the property (as a family).

5: Client: Make the decision and sign a preliminary agreement.

These steps vary greatly depending on the type of good you want to buy (it is not the same to sell an apartment for 200 thousand dollars than one for 2 million).

It is critically important to identify and define each step in the sales funnel. 

Identifying the benchmarks each phase will also allow you to compare your performance against your own goals and against those of other real estate sellers.

By constantly analyzing conversion rates as a benchmark between each step of the sales funnel, you can carefully assess where you need to improve to get those metrics back on top.

It is wasteful and inefficient to get caught up in the ups and downs of sales. However, you also have to give space to passion.

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