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In Inbound 2015 there was a debate about a new marketing model that perfectly complements the Inbound Marketing philosophy.

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Although launched in 2011, the book "Flip the Funnel", by Joseph Jaffe, is all the rage these days and was present at the event that brought together the cream of the digital world in Boston. 

They are simple steps aimed at customer satisfaction, with the aim of turning them into a promoter of your business.

I wanted to make a summary that will not take you to read it more than 7 minutes. (If anyone wants to see their own summary here is the video):

The idea is as simple as it is brilliant: you don't need to pay to advertise when you can become your own medium and one of the best ways to do it is through your current customers. 

He proposes that each company make an evaluation between its CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and its CRC (Customer Retention Cost). 

It turns out that in most companies, the CRC is usually much lower than the CAC, and it is also much more effective. 

We all know the 80/20 statistic, that statistic from the business world that refers to the fact that often 20% of your clients contribute 80% of the company's income. 

Joseph dedicated himself to delving into this concept and found that there are companies in which even 8 clients are capable of generating 70% of their income. 

What is the focus of your thesis? That it is much more profitable to retain than to acquire (although, obviously, the former should never be neglected either).

For this, the author proposes a second part of the funnel in which there is even talk of market growth thanks to the "advocates" and "ambassadors" of your brand: 



1) Understand that "Retain" is your new way of Acquiring "

  • It uses "Upselling" (it is a sales technique by which the customer is oriented to buy more expensive products  , updates or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale. It involves the commercialization of more profitable products or services, but It can also be simply exposing the client to other options that perhaps were not previously considered).

  • Remember that your customers would even be able to pay more for excellent service.

  • Keeping them happy is the only thing you have to do to make them stay with you.

2) Segment your customers (not just your prospects)

  • There are the enthusiasts, the influencers and the evangelists

  • Build an ambassador program that they can be a part of

  • Reward them well for promoting your products. 

  • Customer Service is the key, the experience they have of you is what they will share

3) The true role of social media is retention

Listen to what they have to say about your brand and promote interaction spaces between users. Example: “A customer does not want a product to speak to him (in fact, the products do not speak). They want to talk to other people like her who have already purchased that product " 

In general, as Joseph says "You have to go OFF THE SCRIPT" (this is missing a lot in Mexico). We have to get out of our book, try new things, adopt trends and do what our customers enjoy the most.


"Customers are the most credible sales people"

"We have to be Marketing-with no Marketing-to"


Using this new model, along with a set of new rules for customer service, you can transform your current customers into your best salespeople.

In his book "Flip The Funnel" you will understand how to better present and combine all the digital tools and social networks to increase loyalty, deploy more influential marketers without spending a penny and implement word of mouth strategies that will inspire your current customers.

It is time to reduce your marketing budget and increase sales. 

Comcast, Apple, Barack Obama, Dell, Panasonic, American Airlines, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola and many more have paid for this renowned author to train their sales and marketing teams (together, because he never talks to them separately ).

Thanks to this concept, Jaffe is one of the most sought-after consultants, speakers on the new inbound selling and innovation to generate more sales.


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