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Mobdro is the DIFFERENT app for watching movies, series, documentaries or any streaming content. When I label this app as "different" it's because unlike other apps like Masdede, Appflix or Splive tv, it's this app you won't choose the series or movie you want to watch. Mobdro has a list of channels sorted by categories in which the content is broadcast one after the other, as if it were a television program.

Mobdro Para Android também fornece uma característica perfeita de streaming

In most applications of this time we can choose which movie or chapter to watch and at the time we want. With the Mobdro app we can't do that. On the contrary, in the application you will find a section of categories (movies, series, documentaries, sports, etc.) where there is a huge list of channels, in which the content is broadcast if you stop.

Mobdro categoriza os vídeos, programas de acordo com cada tópico e é fácil para procurar

Mobdro not only contains film and series, it has a category of traditional streaming TV channels, as well as sporting events. And for the more curious, there are live broadcasts of security cameras with animals, cities, monuments or amazing gamers.

This app is the best way to enjoy streaming content from your Android. Its difference to the rest of the apps makes it unique and outstanding, leaving the intrigue and surprise until the last moment to enjoy an afternoon of cinema. The best zapping on your Android!
Wide range of exclusive content in different languages. The content is organized by categories and available in different languages.
No registration or subscription required. To use the application you do not need to be registered or subscribed to a monthly plan. The content is completely free.
Changes the resolution during video playback. You can change the screen resolution while the content is playing.
High transmission speed, lightweight and stable app and low bandwidth. Thanks to its careful design, it allows high-speed transmissions with a low bandwidth in a low-weight application.
Download content. You have the option to download the content to view it at any time without the need for Internet access.

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