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.nlah ransomware - Bitcoin payment

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Hello guys,

So this might be a question that sounds a little strange but here I go. Recently I got attacked by this .nlah ransomware. I am aware that I cannot get my data back unless I pay them and I am not going to describe the value of the lost information here. 

My question is (I am not very tech savvy), a friend told me that he is able to create a fake BitCoin transaction to show these guys as payment that expires in 48 hours. I am wondering if I can give them a taste of their own medicine. I do not mind if they figure out if I am playing them and delete my decryption key permanently as I have already moved on but it does not hurt to try all the options I have.

Is there any way for these guys to figure out if the transaction is fake? 

PS - I know a lot of these guys do not send me the decryption etc, or maybe they do but everyone tells me not to pay them and technically I am not paying the so I figured what the hell.

Let me know what you guys think. Thank you so much.

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Howdy Dinuka & welcome to the forum ! Sorry about your loss to the hackers but in most cases they will just take your money & run ! In my opinion  i would just chalk it up as a loss & move on ! I have tried and been successful at retrieving a few people's data back ! But most are encrypted where it's not possible ! Usually i can retrieve them in the first 2-3 hrs. 

I would forget your friends advise to make fake bit coins ! I have never ever heard of this and i have been removing Malware & such for 20+ yrs.


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