To give, to read and to blossom. Books that sink ice

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Collected the spring collection, from which the warmth bursts. In it unicorns look out from under the venereal shoes, curls of sincere wishes curl up, long mental conversations flow, problems are solved by themselves and the plane takes away towards the sunset.

And all this is for you. To give, to read and to blossom!


A set with art

For those who believe in the power of the handwritten text best essay writing services, can see the universe behind the black square and convey in an elegant curl the warmth of a loving heart. The full harmony of form and content


Secret gift

Surprise, surprise! Box with anticipation, anticipation, jumping from impatience, a good book and a scattering of nice little things. Will please a friend, a mother, a colleague and a fairy godmother. And she'll do it to please herself.

Movie Cocktail

A spicy cocktail of 300 films, the theory, history and practice of cinema, seasoned with a sincere love for art and creativity. Mix, shake and drink in a volley.


Closer to the body

Those who have read this book flourish, are filled with love and begin to shine. Because it is as bright and beautiful as spring itself. All you need is love.

Watercolor portraits of flowers

Watercolor shades

So gentle, as if it were

Our senses are revelatory.

- wrote by the copywriter Anton after barely looking at this book. Can you imagine how inspiring it is! It literally exudes aromas of toffee and venereal shoes, awakening artistic talent.


The diary is like a path to yourself

There are 22 ways to keep a diary in this book. 22! Because the diary is not just a written notebook, but a free psychotherapist, an endless journey deep into yourself and the interlocutor with whom you can discuss any topic.


Phoebe and the unicorn

There was a girl, and then she had a best friend. With a magnificent mane, a magical gift and a charming horn on her forehead. The book is for girls from 5 to 105 years, because each of us still dreams of a personal unicorn.

 Исследование, Читать, Книги, Библия, Коран, Религии

Time travel

A fascinating book about time, memory, eternity and the 4th dimension. Giving it is like giving a time machine and an exciting journey through the worlds.

It's the right choice.

The Book of Problems. There are 200,000 copies sold in the world, because everybody wants hop, and everything is solved. No torture, no dead ends. And it works.


The reality is in question

What is our life? The game! And we are gamers. Knowing the rules, we can create an alternative - happy - reality for themselves and their family, company, favorite business. Let's play a game!

Create a personal brand...

You go to the store to buy an apple, and you end up buying a banana. Because a banana has a stronger personal brand. The book will tell you how to create a brand that isn't afraid of bananas.


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