What do you think is easier - to repair a garage door or just buy a new garage?

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I got a garage and its door in such a disgusting state that I don’t know how to live like that. Replace with a new one is very expensive. Could it be easier to sell it? By the way, no one needs a garage in Washington? :D

UPD: I found a great comment from one of the forums, I will give here: "Well, what do you think, a comedian? I am sure that repairing is always much better than buying a new one, this is obvious, except in cases when it has completely collapsed. And so, just change the mechanism in some service where they can quickly repair a garage door. I can advise https://stigaragedoor.com, I did it there. and you decide."

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Repair on a garage door depends on what is all wrong with it. I bought a  new one last year and installed it myself. It never did work perfectly until it fell down ! Then i called an installer to come and adjust it, works great now & it only cost around $1,000 including the adjustment !


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