Latest W10 USB install tool seems to be ruining installs

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Had an issue popping up yesteday. When starting a game, the system would just shut down, while the computer is still running. I tried everything from hardware, and nothing worked. I reformated and nothing changed.

Today I simply updated windows a bit, and it worked! For 10 minutes. For some reason it restarted, and from there on I only managed to get back into windows once. Else it would just start repair.

I tried to reinstall Windows, but at 94% it stopped, and i tried to restart, but at that point the SSD now shows up as Satafirm 11. I tried looking for fixes, and found one i could run on my other PC. I didnt have admin rights, so i decided to reinstall windows, and am now sitting with another broken instal

So a warning, that the latest ISO might be completely bugging out. Ill have to go buy a new SSD now, see if i can find an older ISO and hopefully get things working again.

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Howdy ChinusGomes & welcome to BestTechie Forums ! We hope you enjoy your stay here & contribute to our community !

Here is a link i know works for a install of W10 ..... i have used it to repair problems with other computers ! Most of the time a slow computer while playing games will need to reboot or the site is slow because of the traffic ! I hope this will solve your problem !!



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