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Cool, sign me up!

Then I'll be able to download my spam in a billionth of a second:-)


Unfortunatly telnet is slow, and theres no threading in MOST email programs so its still only as fast as you can pump telnet commands and process them.

England has 24mbit broadband at £30/month or $60/month at £1 = $2, i *think* its baised on dsl, but i know dsl's theoritical limit is 8mbit/s. read about it at 24mbit broadband.

but thats super ccol news on the 100mbits /me packs up and moves to the states.

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Theres a twist on that, the ESB (electricity supply board) with switzerland has found that it is impractical to push information over the infastructure. For some reason or another, i think its because were on 240v, if its 110v its fine. But what they have found is that when you push information at that "freqency" though powerlines it creates a massive magnetic radiation field that will pretty much fry anything that is in near proxmity to it. Considering that EVERYTHING here is 240V, then everything in your house becomes a microwave. What they decided to do here, was to wrap the power lines in fiber optic, only the big big lines. And provide infastructure for DSL/Cable or whatever. So from station to door step is still unfortunatly a problem.

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There is a trial going on in Scotland right now. My sweet Brit is a geek and ISP pro... (see it's his baby) So maybe a little more research on the subject is warrented. As a matter of fact, here in the US, Donald Trump is installing the system in a couple of his sky-rise buildings in NYC.

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One can only trust what has been said, the project lasted 5 years and was developed with the swiss. It cost in the region of several million dollars to investigate it and it was effectivly found that it was impractible to do here, for what reasons i have no idea. Thats why they decideded just to wrap fiber optic around power lines. heh thanks for the info bozo

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