3 mobile games that’ll get you hooked

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There’s no shortage of games available for mobile platforms like iOS or Android, but finding a game to play isn’t the challenge — finding a good game to play is. The barrier to entry for developing mobile games is extremely low, meaning lazily tossed together titles can appear right alongside games from Nintendo and Square Enix in search results.

Unless you’re doing your due diligence to check reviews for every single game, you could waste your time (and data) downloading something that isn’t worth touching.

But rejoice! We’ve searched around and found 3 super fun games, available on both iOS and Android, you can download right now and have immediate, unadulterated fun in. They’ll get you hooked — but resist the temptation to spend money on microtransactions. We don’t like those.


You may recognize the premise behind this game — it’s not all that different from Slither.io, another popular mobile title. It’s easy to pick up and play, difficult to master, and highly addicting.

Here’s the deal. You play as a small circle — what looks like a small amoeba — on a quest to devour other circles and grow in size. The smaller you are, the more quickly you move. As you grow, however, you sacrifice speed. Quickness comes in handy when you need to get away from a larger circle, which is essentially the name of the game, because you’ll find find circles that grow so large, they take up a large portion of the game space. Your goal is to become fat with success, but if your sessions go anything like mine, you’ll be eaten up well before you reach that point.

The concept seems a little crazy, but trust me, it’s worth a play.

Zynga Poker

The word “Zynga” may transport you back in time a bit, conjuring up memories of the days your mom got addicted to FarmVille. And Zynga’s had a rough go of it the past couple of years. But rest assured, the company’s poker product is still as fun and addictive as it was nearly a decade ago.

Zynga Poker isn’t a real-world betting app — you won’t be able to spend real money to win real money here. But the game still manages to provide that casino feel by making you value your chips, as accumulating them means you can show off your winnings to your friends on the in-game leaderboard. You can sign into the game via Facebook, which makes finding buddies for the game extremely easy.

Granny Smith

A rollerskating granny, an apple thief, and cane-powered ziplining — what more could you ask for? Granny Smith is what I’d consider an incredibly underrated mobile game. It doesn’t get thrown in with indie favorites like Monument Valley, but it’s an extremely fun and addicting experience with a lot of replay value.

This one’s gonna cost you, but don’t sweat the price — it’s easily worth the $1.99. Just forego a few real life apples for a day or two so you can start collecting digital ones instead.

Have some mobile game recommendations of your own? We’d love to hear about them! Feel free to drop your favorites into the comments below.

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