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Howdy hpg3, here ya go !!


a)       Press “Window Logo” + “R” keys on the keyboard.

B)       Type the command “Shell:Startup” in the “Run” command box.

c)       This will open the “Startup” folder on the computer.


Now, if you are using Microsoft Office Outlook as the email client, then follow these steps to add the Outlook program in the Startup folder.


a)       Now, search for the Outlook Shortcut file on the computer.

B)       Copy the Outlook shortcut file and then paste it in the “Startup” folder which was already opened.

c)       Close all the files and folders that you have opened and restart the computer and check if it opens the Microsoft Office Outlook email client automatically at the Startup.


That should do it, just replace Microsoft Outlook with Google Chrome Gmail !


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Hey, just playing around this morning & found a way you could do this the easy way ! 

1. Download Opera Browser >>> - US - Search - EN - Branded - 2017&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqIfZ053L1wIVAsRkCh2caApJEAAYASAAEgLifvD_BwE

2. Open it to your Gmail account and leave it there when you close the Opera browser, .... then when you open Opera browser next time it will open to your Gmail automatically !!


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