iGaming is betting that the odds are for VR

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It is now recognized that VR technology has moved from the realms of science fiction towards casino gaming and household use, but in order for VR to move forward there is a need to keep the consumers enthusiasm peaking for VR games.

What should be taken into consideration is that the potential of VR can be forgotten as it can be easy to think of VR as just another buzz word rather than living technology which has applications in just about every single sector, from medicine to business to iGaming.

For the average person on the street to fully experience the full VR experience the cost could be as high as $1,000. Paired with the fact that less than one percent of the world’s computers at this moment have the graphical capabilities required for the VR experience it certainly seems like a hefty obstacle to overcome. However, that isn’t stopping the online gambling industry from making an early attempt to get in on VR with the hope it’ll pay off down the road. The world of online gambling or iGaming, as it is more commonly known, is doing really well, with revenues generated worldwide by the industry hitting an amazing $37.91 billion back in 2015, with expected revenues to reach around $59.79 billion by 2020.

One thing we know about the gambling industry in general is that it has never been one to rest on it laurels, it has always either pioneered new technology and innovative ideas or taken part in early adoption of new technologies in an effort to stay ahead. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the statistics for mobile gaming.

Before the smartphone you couldn’t expect to enjoy a game via your mobile phone without it crashing half way through and having a wager on any game was almost impossible. Now we can enjoy sites like Schmitts Casino that provide games in HD with bonuses and promotions that are well worth taking up (even on mobile). Games on mobile can be played anytime and anywhere, which makes them super convenient and has led to mobile gambling having a more players than those who use their computers.


If we take all this one additional step, past the computer, past the smartphone, we end up at VR/AR. Now, although VR is not portable, the very fact that a person can experience being in an almost real world environment and be able to interact with that environment and others in it is amazing. If you think about placing a casino in VR you begin to see that the complete experience could be achieved and there is the possibility of linking up players from around the world to sit at say a poker table for instance, all in VR. This concept could be used in tournaments for instance like WSOP (World Series of Poker).

Now, whether or not consumers fully adopt to the new technology has yet to be seen but if you are not averse to making a bet, then the future could very easily be virtual.

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