How new technology and IoT will affect our website usage

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We are currently moving into a world where connectivity will be so ubiquitous we will be able to gather and share information using technologies that no one could dream of less than 20 years ago. We might not know exactly how we will be accessing and using websites, but we already moved from the desktop to the smartphone in a few decades. Who is to say we won’t be accessing information from a computer chip embedded in a smartwatch which will throw up a holographic screen you can scroll through – hang on, that probably exist already.

How about having communication technology that was predictive and could sense from a series of data gathered using smart gadgets like the optical lenses in our televisions the, GPS in our phones tracking where we live, where we go to socialize, and have fun or to work and to conduct business. That probably exists as well. These examples, both allude to the involvement of the internet of things that has already become a raging phenomenon.

A lot of people have been watching how the internet has evolved and how internet marketing has changed over the years. Not so long ago, finding a domain name made of your keywords helped your site show up to more users, in the future, hundreds of new factors will come into play!  Have you wondered how things will look like in the next five years with IoT taking up such a prominent role.


Countless studies have been conducted to look at how the evolution of technology will affect how we use websites to get information across and to access information. One notable study was conducted by the pew research center’s internet project. The goal of the research was to find out how the internet will have evolved by 2025. The study involved a number of experts across various fields of digital communication technologies and the researchers all seemed to come to the same conclusions:

Experts saw a future where information would be ambient and effortlessly accessible to everyone through more than one means. Mobile wearables, predictive mobile devices and embedded computers were cited as some of the internet of things that will allow people to interact with their surroundings and to tap to the wavelengths of information flowing into some kind of cloud based sharing. Everything that can connect will be able to move information. They agree that the biggest hurdle that technology companies have had to face was the availability of connection devices. When everyone can connect, digital information will be able to flow much more freely.

Most of the experts believe that with the proliferation of smart sensors, cameras and massive data centers that span the fabric of the internet of things there will be a global immersive communication environment that will push content providers to be and website developers to be on the pulse very time. We already see how social media has been changing how information is delivered and how people interact with it.

These experts are right in saying that the internet of things will change digital communications as well as how we use websites, however, changes have already begun. The internet is ever-present, we don’t exactly have to access it anymore. It is a self-operating entity that dictates our lives, who we conduct business and other social rules. Everything can be connected and interconnected withheld various networks from a simple key fob which can be connected to your tablet which in turn can be connected with your refrigerator. While there are pros of living in such a world but there are cons. A lot of the experts are concerned with the new threat that an open system like this that connects everything and everyone can have serious implication on privacy, government, policy and regulations.

What does this mean for online marketers?

It means more people will be using on-demand services everywhere. It will take the idea of convergence for the consumer to a whole other level. Instead of just offering delivery services for orders made, customers can have groceries delivered without them even knowing because of predictive mobile technologies. Your fridge will tell your supermarket when things are about to run out or go off. Your fitness watch might be. Able to defect a fever coming on or a dangerously low sugar level and will make an appointment automatically done for you. So many things become possible and some of those possibilities have not waited for 2025 – they are happening now.

Online marketers have to be aware of the customers’ expectations and IoT can help ensure that markets know what consumers will want before they want it. In the beginning marketed reacted to shifts in their industries, but now marketers have to drive their end of the bargain. They need to be influencers who can deliver on the promises they make as quickly as possible.

Marketers like collecting data it what their world revolves around. They will collect, dissect, interpret, put it back together. They scrutinize ideas, look for meaning in their data and in the data of others. Experts estimate that three years from now, there will be over 13 billion IoT devices. Some experts put that figure at close to a trillion. With that many connections comes a heavy flow of data. Online marketers can learn a whole lot more about customers than what they know now.

This will enable them to seek smarter marketing methods. Nothing will be unmarketable. IoT and the artificial intelligence of everyday things we will be using in the future will make anything and everything marketable. There will be no area of life and no question asked that will not have a solution proffered. This means marketers will have to be at the top of their game when it comes to projecting an air of authority in their respective niches.


To answer the question of how we will be using online marketing websites in the future with technology evolving as fast lies in how IoT evolves and how quick we are able to adopt it into our duly lives. We will expect the internet to tell us what we want before we ask. To be preemptive and send opus links to sites that might be of importance to us a particular point of our day. In the future, online marketers will be sages, they will pioneer the way we consume everything.

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