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VR is elevating potential for online casino games

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The stories and fiction movies about the virtual reality have been around for a couple of decades now. It’s no secret that with the invention of computers and internet in particular lots of IT companies have thought of going further, focusing all the attention on the future technologies. When the streaming progress reached the sphere of gaming quite a part of software developers gave serious thoughts to the VR idea implementation. Thus, the Oculus Rift breached the market as a totally revolutionary device assigned to take the entertainment sector to the brand new level. And, expectedly, thousands of gamblers expressed their strong desire to try it personally and play free slots with bonus games online using a VR gadget.

Forward estimates

Goldman Sachs Group, when making the estimations, unveiled some impressive figures regarding the upcoming VR market boom. According to their expectations over 200 million users are going to be attracted to the sphere of gaming if the technology is fully implemented. Naturally, the statement couldn’t pass ignored by the developers of gaming software. Companies have started working on the new applications that would uncover the potential of a featured technology and provide unthinkable opportunities for gamblers.

Upgrading the current applications

The Jackpot City and 32Red that are known for a variety of games, including all roulette variations, are currently doing their best to grant players with the brand new gambling experience. All the games are being enhanced in accordance with the new technology possibilities to just give it a shot once it’s a high time. However, one can’t give the exact answer whether it’s going to happen in a year, or two, or maybe five as the work is still in progress. So, for now, you can simply enjoy free demos to get you into gaming 2017 and gradually prepare yourself for what the not too distant future holds.

VR would take online casinos to an unmatched level

Microgaming, the company that won the hearts and recognition of millions of gamblers around the planet, has already sparked major interest at ICE 2016 where the VR technology was introduced. Their VR roulette was the winner of the Digital Gaming Innovation of the Year award and promised to be the beginning of a next era gaming. Many admit that up to the moment it is the most revolutionary software, allowing one to entirely sink into VR environment, where the wheel is just in front of you.

From what we’ve known so far, the times when digital dealers and opponents at your table will be standing within just a couple of meters are closer than one thinks. All bets are off! The developers have shown what they are capable of. And according to estimates, their product is going to make a sensation!

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Poker VR is Reportedly the Highest Grossing Free-to-Play Oculus Game. March 1, 2018. by Joe Durbin. Free-to-play gaming is, for better or worse, big business. The idea is to get you in for free and then entice you with in-game power-ups, cosmetics, and upgrades that you can purchase with in-game currency.

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I will agree, that the VR will make the game more realistic, but a general rule that persists with both traditional video and VR: The video should be as short as possible while conveying what you want to convey, and only as long as it remains interesting. Other people suggest hard and fast rules. Some say 15 minutes as an absolute maximum. So, we can only dream about it, so until then, I will prefer to lie on my sofa and play the poker on my phone. Likely for me, the isn't going to finish their project.

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