Malwarebytes is now for Mac

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  • 2 weeks later...

I cleaned a Mac 2 weeks ago for a relative & it had 6 virus, don't rem what they were now but anytime you go to downloads from Torrent you pretty much asking for something bad !!

Project looks interesting there Chief !!


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Its going to be a beast Chuck, i just ordered the Xeon X5355 matched pair, 2.66Ghz quad core CPUs. should have them on Saturday. then i will pull the old ones out and clean the heat sinks, and install the quad cores making it a 2,1 8 core machine. would have went with the 3Ghz, but just did not have the money for it right now. prices on them have come down a lot. its going to be fun. just like the old days when i had nothing better to do.


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