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During the night MS W10 decided i need to take my pics & put them into an album for me ! If i had wanted them into an album i would have arranged them that way ! Thanks MS for butting in where you were not wanted. I don't think this is the last MS will do what they want with my system !! Have any of you had good experiences with MS W10 doing something you didn't ask for ????



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Possibly related to the update they installed last night. 
Several people I know reported problems with taskbar icons not showing.  I had issues with left click not working on things like sound mixer  and start button until I rebooted a second time.

I think that is my new standard, if there is something odd or misbehaving about 10, especially if I think there was an update; I restart twice. If that does not solve it I boot to safe mode and then to normal and hope that fixes it. If neither of these work, I go to troubleshooting.

I think I know what you are describing and I almost had it do that to me; but I realized what was up and canceled.  It had to do with a mouse issue and somehow a right click context menu option got activated and it started searching for and organizing photos.  
I think it may have been related to a mouse sensitivity issue.  I gave up on that one and just got a new mouse. For some reason my mouse became super sensitive and a single click was registering as double click no matter what changes to settings I made.  New mouse and adjusting settings solved it, for now.
Really annoying I would click a tab in a browser and it would close as if I had double clicked or selected and clicked the x.  

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Bratbyt, welcome to the forum ! Not sure where your post should be moved to, i'm still looking but it has nothing to do with the "topic" above, please in the future try & pick the appropriate "topic" to post in  !!


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