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Easy Right !!


My better half has a HP (all-in-one) earlier Model than mine, has 8 gigs Ram had win 8.1 on it after I upgraded it for her, put Avast / spybot etc,,, told her do not install anything without asking me please!,,,,,well anyway for some funny reason it started to run slower than a speeding snail !.

Ok fastest and easiest way do a refresh of the system while keeping all her docs/pics /settings, did that, installed AV then did all the windows updates, runs well.

Now better upgrade to 8.1 no probs use Microsoft , did some checking you need to install ( KB2919442 ) before the win 8.1 upgrade was not already installed on the PC so found and D/Led the stand alone installer,tried to install it was told (this is not required on this computer), fine installed the Microsoft win 8.1 update gets right to the last reboot to start then get a screen that says " this computer has had a problem and needs to restart" then the upgrade package tries to save the instillation , then reverts back to win 8.

Any ideas ?




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Hey Chuck

Thats the one I D/Led .

Microsoft says I need this to install 8.1 the site says here is the quote



To apply this update, you must be running Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, or Windows Server 2012 R2."


So I need to install  KB2919442 to install 8.1 but!! I need to be running 8.1 to install the update ?????  hmmm can not see a problem with that , but as I do not run RT 3.1 or Win server 2012 R2 maybe thats the prob.


​Then again none of that was installed on my other half's PC even before I upgraded it to 8.1 (I need a drink)



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