Want to run Win 8.1 and win 10 on my main PC

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Greetings All

I am trying to run Win 10 tech with win 8.1 on my main PC its a HP all-in-one ENVY 23.

Its the BIOS boot order I'm having a prob with.(have made bootable DVD + USB and have enough space on my HD have separate participation to install to.

Prob is win 8.1 has this new BIOS setup I can not quite work out how to ""restart and boot from USB or DVD".


I remember BT ,TT , Pete C, and all you guys / girls from the techTV days.


Hope you can help





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Hello Whitewolf:


Brian here:  Instead of trying to install Windows 10 from install media on a partition, try running a windows 10 Virtual Machine on Windows 8.1.




(This will make it so that if there is a problem with the install, running it in a VM will make it easier to remove Windows 10 - If you install it to a partition, you may foul up windows 8, or whatever primary OS you are running - a VM, in my opinion is a safer bet)


Good Luck!



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Windows does not determine what bios you have, your computer motherboard and / or PC manufacturer does that.  (although as chuck pointed out it does allow you to tell the boot manager to boot to the bios ). The BIOS is the operating system of the motherboard before windows loads.  There should be an option which splashes briefly when you first turn on that says something like "Press F2 to enter setup" that is the bios.  
Alternatively, most modern bios support boot to alternate device by pressing a key such as F10 or Ctrl+F10  when first powered on. It will bring up a boot options dialog asking which disk to boot to.


However you could just boot to win 8 and then run your win 10 install cd. It will ask where to install.  You can install to a partition you created on your existing drive, install to a slave drive , or even install to a USB drive.   Note that it will replace the boot sector and boot manager on your primary hard drive so it will now have  a win 10 boot manager which gives you an option to choose which of the tow OS to boot into each time you start. Note that if you delete the Win 10 partition, this boot manger will remain and to revert to win 8 boot manager you will need to do a boot repair using your win 8CD or boot manager in win 8.,

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Thanks Chuck

But have tried that does not give me the "Hyper" in win turn features on or off! but as they say "If life gives you lemons make lemonade! " or as I do ferment them and make something better!!!.

Have come up with 3 Rules to sort out all my probs (after trying all suggestions).

1 / If you have spent hours/days adjusting your main OS to work how you wish it too DO NOT MESS WITH IT !!

2/ / If you have a second PC or Lappy not as good as your main PC !! use that to test the new OS.

3 / Refer to Rule 1 !!  



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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok Girl & Guys 

I have found away to run both Win 8.1 and 10 on my main PC without risk to my main OS 8.1.

Its a proggy called "VMware Player" thats if you have any problems using or ruining Hyper-V ! it creates a Virtual Machine within your main OS and allows you to run any OS you wish in it.

You can allocate as much of your RAM as you wish and HD space for it ,so you can test out any OS you want.


Well I have not found a down side to it so far, but am interested in others opinions





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