I missed april 8th deadline for xp

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Greetings all,

I was trying to reinstall xp on my computer before april 8th, I did not get the chance. Is it too late to get all the updates up until microsoft pulled support? I had not done a reinstall in years and I just remember the computer running much faster. (can't quite make the jump to a new computer yet )

as always any help is greatly appriciated.



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I would upgrade to at least vista  :wacko:  or 7 , Im sure you can find a cheap disk since 8 is out .

But if you want to stick with XP  you might find a package download for all updates but start with the service packs first 

I found this program while searching  http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/xp_update_extender.html  but use this with caution 

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Thanks guys,

dan I wouldupgrade to windows 7 but the upgrade advisor says aint enought gas in the tank to upgrade this 10 year old box.

Thanks for the link Chuck. I think I will take a shot this or next weekend to do a fresh install.I appriciate all help.

Take care,


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