Windows 8.1 and Facebook: Games REALLY Slow

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Hello Everyone:


I have a New Win8 (8.1) Toshiba Satilite laptop - I tried to run Facebook Games using IE10 and 11, but they are all running SLOW, and there seems to be no way to run them similar to the way they ran in win 7.  I am not sure if there is a way to just run the games in a mode similar to win 7, with the speed that it ran in win 7 - Is there something that can be done to allow me to control what is installed on this thing?? IE seems to have both the Java and the Flash "intergrated" but I just want to run stuff like I did (especially on the internet in a browser) as I always did.  Seems that the apps they have are "missing" the games.


Can give you specs later, if needed.


Thanks Team



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Hey Brian is this what you were talking about. Mine (8.1) is set to ask me before installing anything or running it !


And for the browser i use Firefox & Gllgle Chrome, they seem more stable than IE but i think Google Chrome is now installing a search & google tab in their new download !! I like FF & use it mainly !

Hope this helps


(Stay Safe Friend )

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Nope:  Has nothing to do with installing apps:  This has to do with a couple issues that, although I have researced them on several websites, and tried to do what I know could attempt to fix the problem, it is a no go, and I am at a loss.


First, I have a problem with Windows 8.1 and sometimes what happens is when I open computer, or file explorer or something in windows 8, it seems to lock up, and I have to either do a ALT+CTRL+DELETE and kill off an open process and the reopen it to see something, or I do a ALT+CTRL+ESC and kill it that way - if I close it and reopen it, it works fine, but god is it slow sometimes.


Second:  IE10 seems to be an issue as well.  Everything is intergrated into the IE browser, which means guys like us that want to run legacy programs have to deal with Java and Flash being built into the browser.  Facebook Games sometimes will not load at all, or they will load some of the way and hang, or the screen will load and hang there and will not move.  I upgraded to 8.1 and got IE11, but the same problems remain -  Facebook games are slow, and I have been told that REGARDLESS of what type of Win8 Machine you have, it will still be slow.  I have been running everything in desktop mode, but playing games is rediculously slow.


Third: You cannot put anything LESS then IE10 on a win8 machine.  I believe the Facebook Games are not made for ie10/11 - being an old school kinda guy, I downloaded the latest versions of Firefox and Opera and cannot even get these to run the games because they load and hang - Is there a way to "rip out" some of these IE dependent safeguards and get the thing to run like win7, short of using a Virtual Box for running anything that win8 will not run - it is a pain in the butt to think that, with all the new technology that MS has nowadays that simple games that use Java or flash could be dependant on IE to run, and will not run well on win8.


MS should NOT dictate what will run in their browser - this intergration of Java and Flash, and not being able to decide what you are running and when makes it hard to want to maintain a win8 machine - all my programs run in 7, and I am seriously considering returning the laptop if I cannot get it moving faster, and get rid of junk that slows it down - If I cant even run FF or opera to play games, what good is IE10/11 ir win 8.


Can anyone help me figure this out??  everything I have read says 8 is good, but I am leaning back towards 7, because at least things dont freeze up and die.


Thanks for your earlier post Chuck - I appreciate your help!!



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Do you still have the Toshiba crapware installed? They used to package WildTangent stuff in there; just remove it and all other unneccessary stuff. Disable anything else you don't need at startup. I use Revo Uninstaller to safely remove traces of any application I do not want.


Secondly, disable any browser add-ons you may not need. You can go into IE's menu for this or use CCleaner to edit add-ons (Tools > Startup > IE). If you're not sure what you need, just disable instead of delete.


Thirdly, completely uninstall Adobe's Flash/Shockwave and Java. You don't always need the latter, but if you do, you'll be prompted to install it. Reinstall the Flash Player for your browser and restart. If using Google Chrome, you'll have to change some settings within the program to instruct it to use Adobe Flash plugin rather than its own built-in version.

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Good Afternoon Falcon:


As I am "test driving" this computer to see if I like windows 8, I am hesitant to change any of the registry settings and the like.  This computer is similar in scope to my dell Inspiron 1545 that I have had for about 5 years - I think the problem lies in the browser itself, but I cannot seem to make any adjustments to the way that it deals with things that are "intergrated"  Java and Flash seem to be 2 of the pieces that are - In retrospect, they say that you can run things in desktop mode, or you can run other browsers like Chrome/FireFox/Opera.  When I try to do this (Playing Facebook Games) it's slow, and as stated to Chuck Above, the computer will sometimes freeze when I click on an icon and it would start to open and hang, requiring me to start Task Manager and end tasks, then I can reinitiate the task and she opens right up.


I was also told that Windows 8 is slow anyway, and it doesnt matter if you had a faster machine because things would still be slow.  I will post the specs of this machine in my next post - Maybe that would help :)



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RAM: 4GB (3.59 USABLE)

OS: 64-BIT (Windows 8.1)


Hopefully, I will be able to figure out a couple of things with this one :)



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Brian, i wish i had a solution for you ! I have W 8.1 on this new HP and it runs all games real quick, never had a freeze on Face Book Games & it's real quick on all browsers, IE ......... FF ...... and Google Chrome ! !

Desk Tower !

Processor  A8- 6500 GPU with Radeon HD Graphics 3.50 GHz

Ram 8 GB .... 7.19 Gb usable

2 TB hard drive

System 64 Bit OS X 64 based processor

Windows 8 Factory Installed ..... Upgraded to Windows 8.1 with-in 2 hours after i got it ! Takes 3 hrs to upgrade !


You might upgrade the Ram, they said i could make mine even quicker by upgrade ram to 32 GB ! But not now unless it slows down considerable !!




Brian did you check the Windows 8 forum to see what problem might be comparable ?

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What does your startup list look like?


And what about your browser add-on list?


How many processes do you have running according to Task Manager? Is the Internet Explorer process consuming a lot of CPU/RAM when you're playing a game?

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