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Greetings to all. I also look back at the ttv days fondly. It was a great place to get help when needed, and to keep in touch with good people. (even before social media)  Heck when I started watching ttv and coming on the forums I had gotten a second had computer and barely knew how to push the power button. I always appriciated the help and learned a lot. Even though I don't post much I stop in when I can. I have been around less in the last year because we moved into our first house about a year ago and between that and the job it has been busy to say the least. I still enjoy seeing posts from old frends and seeing post from new members. I also remember friends that are no longer with us, Gary, Marty, Marsh, Antonio and all the rest. I hope this place stays around for a while. It's still a good place, and I can say my life is better for knowing you all.



Hey Pat......you pretty much nailed it on everything I would have said. Good to see there are is still some of us still here yet..... :)

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i'm still around. i just have my good days and bad days.

mainly retired and on disability now.

i miss the old TechTV days.

Good to see you cherokeechief.......fyi...you have taught me so much. You ..... Chappy.....Goliath.....and so many more from TechTv.......miss those days so much. Long gone and moved on...yes maybe so...but will always remember......where  and from whom I learned so much. Thanks.....

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It's good to see some more of the old timers posting that they are still around. I don't log in as much anymore due to dealing with my medical issues, but I also have been dealing with taking care of my unappreciative step-father who is in worse shape than I am. 

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Sorry to hear about your health TT. It seems like as we get older the body wants to punish us for something ! or maybe it's just wearing out ! I guess i am lucky so far nothing serious ! Cross my fingers. Here's hoping things work out for you !


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