New computer yesterday !

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Hey, got a new toy yesterday !

HP 500-164

Installed Memory ---- 8 GB Ram ....... will update this to 32 GB soon !

Processor --------- AMD A-8 6500 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 3.50 Ghz

2 TB Hardrive

64 Bit system


Came with Windows 8 but quickly updated to 8.1 ............ not sure yet if i like the Windows 8.1 insted of Windows 7, time will tell i guess !

What do you guys think of W8 or W7 ???

Any good tips ??






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I think i like this Windows 8.1  ------------- no problems getting use to it ! I heard they will be comming out with an updated version in the spring. Antone hear anything about that ???



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I don't own any copies of Windows 8/8.1 but I have played around with it on friends' computers. Looks similar to Windows 7, which I use, except for more ribbons and the start screen. Can't get used to the latter if it's not a touch screen, though. Is there a way to turn this off?

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Falcon i do not have a touch screen but i found this :


Hope it helps !

The more i play with W 8.1 i love it & find challenging ! But i'm sure it will be obsolute in no time !!

The 8.1 is free upgrade now don't know if they will charge for it later !



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