Anything going on with SuperAntiSpyware ?

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Anyone know if SuperAntiSpyware is having difficulties since new company ownership ? I have a lifetime subscription and I note some really aberrant behavior from the s/w and the support system(s).

1.) S/W update errors and asks for form submission to company. Never get anything back from support indicating a cause.

2.) Can't register or logon to support website. Blows me right out the door when I enter -submit-.

3.) No one at SaS Customer Support responds to email. I receive an invalid address msg. from Thunderbird after clicking the hypertext address on their website and sending email.

I've been ignoring this situation for some time but, I'm wondering if it this s/w is actually doing anything useful or is it just wasting h/d real estate ?

Any info or similar experience appreciated.


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Hey Dennereli,


That's interesting... I haven't heard anything like that.  A few things you may want to try/consider:


1. Check out Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: and use that with SaS or as a replacement.


2. You could try submitting a support ticket via the website:


3. Here's something I found on the SaS that has to do with failed updates, it may be helpful:


Let me know if any of this helps!  



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Hey Dennereli, Jeff (BT) gave some good info there. I would just add that SuperantiSpyWare is hardly ever recommended by any of us Malware Removal Specialist, there just seems to be so many great tools/programs & Antivirus protection out there ! As Jeff recommended MalWareBytes is in my opinion the best paid Antivius protection out there. I just don't like paying so i use Avast Free edition and have been really happy with it ! It's what ever a person feels is doing the right/best job !~! Just my opinion !!



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