Marshall "Marsh_0x" Keintz

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Rest in Peace "My Brother In Arms", I know you will be at Peace with everything now !!! We had emailed each other at times & was glad to call you my friend ! I will talk to you again someday !


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Ditto that, I am glad to see he passed away at the hospital and did not die alone in his cabin.

After the last time (when he was discovered unconscious in his arm chair by the UPS man) I worried that he would die alone and they would discover the body months later. He was a very private person who was married to his career.

If I recall correctly he was a diabetic (which explains the coma incident, low blood sugar or high).

I signed the guestbook.

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Rest In Piece My friend.

I was Glad to have chatted with him through the forums. he'll be missed.

another friend from the TechTV days gone to a better place.

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Sooooooooo sad. Seems like every time I check into BT another old friend has met the BIG BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!I will miss him lots.Many more from our generation will be departing early thanks to being poisoned by their government. But we will continue to fight for you, Marsh. History will not be swept under the rug. Your friend,Joe

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Rest In Peace Marsh - and THANK YOU for your service to your Country - You will be missed my friend :(


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