Sound drivers go missing after many start ups.

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Hello everyone! I have a Creative Labs Titanium X-FI sound card and every now and the driver find some way to delete or remove them selves from my computer. After many shutdowns, I have to reinstall the drivers to get the sound working again. Does this mean my sound card is failing? This sound card is only a couple years old.

Thank for your help!

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Even if the Creative drivers get removed, does sound still work? Is Windows replacing them with its own? Open Device Manager to see what is there.

I notice from your signature that the audio adapter is on a machine running Windows 7. Windows Update now has the ability to detect [what it appears to be] drivers that have updates and offer them for installation. I don't think they should be automatically installed even if you have regular updates set to do this, since they are considered "optional". However, try changing the Windows Update setting to something like "check but let me choose", reinstall your audio drivers, reboot and see what happens.

Another thing: Is the user account from which you are doing this one with administrative rights? If not, right-click on the driver installation file and choose 'Run as administrator' the next time you attempt to reinstall the drivers.

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We all encounter problems with different hardware devices for our computer. Some encounter problems when installing a new video card, others when installing a new printer. I experienced problems when installing my Ethernet Card. However, there are many users who experience problems with their sound cards.


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