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Hi Dragon. Who were you on G4?

Most of the OT crew is hanging out at Mike's (Mlegg) forums, the more tech oriented folks hang out here.

There are a couple of other forums started by AOTS and Xplay fans.

I am ' Plai ' on G4. I haven't posted much for a long time just because my vintage XP is still chucking along fine and hasn't caught any nasty virus or malware on the web yet :). However; I regularly log in to read the posts to see how everyone is

doing and glad to know all of you are here.

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WOW, so nice to see you all stopping by at our old stomping grounds BT. Thought I would just stop by myself and say HELLO. Have a great day, I'm off to watch Baseball, one of my favorite sports. Hope you are all well. See ya. :D

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