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Many days we will have 8 computers on the bench, but never 8 laptops. It looked cool(I'm a bit proud). For what its worth, 4 of the 12 on the bench are ours. We have one personal laptop for every 2 work stations for work log documentation(our system is run on google docs)


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when going from one client machine to the next, it is easier to stay standing up. We also have two workstations, 4 computers that we sit down at in the center of the shop



my little chihuahua


Red squeezing in the chihuahua bed


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Nice shop, Shane!

Are you finding more people have laptops these days as opposed to desktops?


Thanks :-)

A few months ago I would have said it was about 50/50 mix of laptops and desktops. Lately it seems like a much larger percentage laptops

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