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hi team i tried to burn a 12.4 ubuntu

to a but iut loaded on to my sys as a double boot

and is working good but i need a copy on a cd or dvdcan ti be loaded onto either a cd rom or dvd

\and does it nee to be loaded through either drive

which i have both



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The ISO should fit on a CD. The burned CD will boot from your CD drive or your DVD drive which ever is set as bootable.


i can install 12.4 on my compt

but cant install to a cd

or dvd

whar am i doing wrong

what size cd /dvd

do i need

some how ive managed to but the others to a cd but buggered if i can get this to work

do i need a burning program

gee ive bin away to long from this board

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Hi marty,

Yes. Once you have downloaded the ISO file to your computer you will need to burn it onto a CD. The 12.4 image will fit onto a standard CD-R. You will need to have burning software like Nero for Windows or K3B if you're running Linux.

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